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Hill is real

Each year great players arise to the top of the charts of their position. Each level has a different leader. In high school basketball, Kasey Hill has climbed nearly to the top of the charts. Hill is currently ranked 16th in the nation according to ESPN, and second in his position. His game resembles a combination of Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul (or CP3) because of his passing ability and quick change of direction while handling the rock. Added with a jumping ability similar to Derrick Rose (or D. Rose), he is a very difficult player to defend.

Junior point guard Kasey Hill

The Florida native has offers from various colleges including Florida, Louisville and Georgia Tech. He has yet to show any extensive interest in any college, but we shall see what this year brings for this young star. Hill brings together an explosive jumping ability, impressive court vision and decision – making and insane ball handling.

But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself….

Kasey Hill should go to the Louisville Cardinals because I live there now and I wouldn’t like to have to deal with him on the opposing team. Where should this young phenom go?


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Locked out but not stopped

You can’t stop doing something you truly love. The NBA players have displayed this more than ever in the past months. The summer is winding down and there seems to be no end to the NBA lockout. The players realize the situation at hand, and some players chose to go and play overseas until things are handled. NBA stars such as Deron Williams and J.R. Smith have signed deals to play overseas.

Former Denver Nuggets shooting guard J.R. Smith has inked a deal to play for the Zhejiang Golden Bulls in the Chinese Basketball Association, or CBA. In the past, Smith has displayed signs of being a force in the NBA but also has shown signs of his youth. He is learning from his attitude problems in the past, and his time in China will teach him better.

Smith on his former team Denver Nuggets

Former New Jersey Nets point guard Deron Williams has chosen to play for a team in Turkey called Besiktas Club (this team also employed Allen Iverson during his brief overseas stint). Williams has been a huge factor for his team in the NBA in his previous years in the NBA. It’s difficult to not play professionally when that’s what you grow accustomed to.

Deron Williams displaying his Turkish jersey

Some people say that this is selfish for these players to do. I feel that they should play as much as they can, and being overseas is a great experience. What do you think?


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The battle in Maryland

This summer has brought many exhibition basketball games due to the probable NBA Lockout.  But none have overshadowed this a game in Baltimore, Md. featuring Baltimore native Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, and Chris Paul.  High – flying dunks, killer crossover moves, and pure shots were evident all throughout the game.  A battle arose between Kevin Durant and LeBron James.  The two would go down and back attempting to score on each other and, at one point, neither could miss.  LeBron finished the game with (unofficially) 36 points.  Kevin Durant got the best of him by finishing with the game – high 59 points!

Here is a clip of the battle of these two heavyweight ballers:

Here are clips of the entire game:

What do you think of the game?


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