Stephen Curry shines in Golden State charity game

Throughout this NBA lockout there have been plenty of charity games featuring the biggest names of the league right now. I have covered most of them on this blog site. This time I feel that I should cover a smaller charity game out in San Francisco called the “We Believe” charity game. The superstar that shined brighter than all others was Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry.

Curry posted a triple-double (34 points, 13 assists, 12 rebounds) in his victory in San Jose State arena. Curry is well known for having a smooth stroke from the three-point line during his college years at Davidson College. Since then, he has built a great skill set beyond his shooting and exhibited it in the game.

See for yourself:

How do you feel the newer talent of the NBA fairs against the bigger names of the League right now?


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The love of the game remains strong

The three top NBA stars of the Jordan brand came together to show their love of the game. The lockout has brought out so much concern and sadness for basketball fans. The players have been showing their skills in games, but in the Jordan brand “Love of the Game” commercial Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony showed that it doesn’t matter whether its professional or amateur, it’s all about the love of the game. I couldn’t agree more. Every NBA player should be able to play the game for his love of it and not just for a paycheck.

If you haven’t seen the commercial here it is:

Similar to the Jordan brand, Nike basketball has started a campaign called “Basketball Never Stops” behind their NBA athletes LeBron James, Dirk Nowitzki and Kevin Durant. They show the same love of the game and show why the game can never die out.

Here’s Nike’s version of their love of basketball:

Do you think this commercial captured the true love that players should have for the sport? Why?




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Oklahoma all-star game brings out the best

Once again the NBA‘s best come together for a charity game. This time the venue is Oklahoma City, Okla., home of the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Kevin Durant is definitely the hometown hero in this event, but he had to share the spotlight with stars such as LeBron James, Chris Paul and teammates James Harden and Russell Westbrook.

There were many highlights from this game. The game had everything from former Thunder member Jeff Green‘s power dunks to the smooth crosses and passes of New Orleans Hornets star Chris Paul. With the lockout still in full effect and no end in sight, the players show they haven’t lost a step.

How do you feel about this game? Did the fans get their donations’ worth?


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Basketball meets the pool

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more creative than Dude Perfect, kids bring their creativeness to a whole new level. Four kids playing in the backyard videoed themselves playing in their pool with only a small basketball rim and a Nerf ball. The best ideas come by having fun and relaxing.

There isn’t much more to say about this. All I can do is let you see what I mean for yourself.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s more:

What do you think of the innovation of these kids?


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Dude Perfect goes big

If you grew up loving basketball and were like me, you would invariably toss up trick shots while playing around with your friends. You couldn’t perform them in a real game, but they showed off your marksmanship. The shots could be from half-court, sitting down at the 3-point line, or even from somewhere way out of bounds.

Similar to that, a group of guys from Texas A&M created what they call Dude Perfect. According to the team of accurate shooters/throwers, “A free sandwich, a simple camera, and 20 ‘I can do better than you’ shots later, Dude Perfect was born.” It started as a game but grew into something much larger. What started as a fun YouTube video turned into a movement for people to “Go Big.” Now having over 5 million views to their first video ever, Dude Perfect has turned into a new sensation and continues to leave people in awe with their crazy shots.

These guys definitely went big, especially after breaking the record for the world’s longest shot made.

Missed it? Here it is:

As a bonus, you can see that Dude Perfect can take their antics anywhere:

What do you think of Dude Perfect?


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NBA lockout brings more summer action

The NBA just doesn’t know what it’s missing. Everywhere the all stars of the NBA go, they dominate! They also pack gyms and arenas across the country. Between meetings amongst the the NBA’s player union and owners, the players find venues to play against each other and show off their various talents.

This past week the players came together to play in Winston-Salem, N.C., to play for the CP3 Foundation All Star Game. The game brought athletes from veteran stars Chris Paul to LeBron James to newer stars like John Wall and No. 1 draft pick Kyrie Irving. is claiming this as the new best game of the lockout. The highlights included the best aerial display you could ask for, clever crosses, and accurate jumpshots and pinpoint passes all in one game.

Check it out:

What do you think? Does this game top the previous game of the summer? If you forgot, here is a reminder.

Best Game of the Summer


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Hill is real

Each year great players arise to the top of the charts of their position. Each level has a different leader. In high school basketball, Kasey Hill has climbed nearly to the top of the charts. Hill is currently ranked 16th in the nation according to ESPN, and second in his position. His game resembles a combination of Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul (or CP3) because of his passing ability and quick change of direction while handling the rock. Added with a jumping ability similar to Derrick Rose (or D. Rose), he is a very difficult player to defend.

Junior point guard Kasey Hill

The Florida native has offers from various colleges including Florida, Louisville and Georgia Tech. He has yet to show any extensive interest in any college, but we shall see what this year brings for this young star. Hill brings together an explosive jumping ability, impressive court vision and decision – making and insane ball handling.

But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself….

Kasey Hill should go to the Louisville Cardinals because I live there now and I wouldn’t like to have to deal with him on the opposing team. Where should this young phenom go?


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